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The Thrill of Ghostwriting

Shanna D. Gregor

Ghostwriting is an art. It takes a particular person to be able to capture the voice and heart of another writer’s message and put it into words that sounds like the author instead of the writer. Over the years I’ve had the honor and pleasure of ghostwriting for dozens of authors.

To ghostwrite is to write on behalf of a person who is then credited as author.[1] I have written for others in a variety of ways. The two ways that I prefer is to write from my own notes, or from a transcript taken while the author is speaking to a group.

The Thrill of GhostwritingActually sitting in the audience and taking notes, gives me an opportunity to become familiar with the author’s personality, communication style and the way the audience responds to them. Sometimes, I am able to mix the two and write from transcripts on a topic I have heard the author speak on before.

The artistic element required by a ghostwriter, in my opinion, is to capture them in such a way on paper that the reader has no idea the product delivered was ever touched by anyone other than the author. That’s success!

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