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Arranging Your Ideas

Shanna D. Gregor

I am one of those few people who absolutely and completely enjoyed that portion of the grammar class. I believe my love for order, for organization and for the process flow are all somehow tied to that. Writing is a progression. It is a sequence a writer must follow in order to produce his or her finished piece of art. (Yes, writing is an art!)

When ywoman with camera - Arranging Your Ideasou’re reading, writing or editing—you are looking for order. You want your art to flow from one component to the next—from one sentence to the next and from one paragraph to the next. The important key is coherence. You want your ideas arranged in a clear and logical order that holds the paragraphs together. Here are three ways to meet those goals and organize your writing:

  1. Order of importance challenges you (the writer) to order your paragraph or chapter from most important to least important, or you can do the reverse by starting with the least important and build toward a climax at the end of the paragraph. You want to choose the formula that gives your writing the most dramatic power as you deliver it.
  2. Space order is all about the big picture. Through space order, you give your reader a panoramic view (like a camera’s eye) of the person, place or thing you are describing. You want to define the scene from left to right, floor to ceiling or from background to foreground. (You can mix these up, but I think you get the picture.)
  3. Time order arranges ideas chronologically. Whatever you are writing can follow the logical order of time. You give your reader an understanding of events from past to present or present to past.

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