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Editorial Services

Clear and concise communication is vital in every area of life. When it comes to growing your business, advancing your career, solving life’s challenges and planning for your future—high quality written communication is essential for success.

Writing Services
Let us help you create communications that position you for strong and effective relationships with others that attribute to your success.

  •     Business communications that helps you protect your interests, get your needs met, or express your concerns.
  •     Promotional resources such as articles, brochures and web site content that help you build your business.
  •     Fundraising letters, emails and brochures that make the “ask” easy because it clearly communicates your cause in a way your donors appreciate and understand.
  •     Product development – eBooks or gift books for name acquisition or “thank you gifts” for your donors.
  •     Ghostwriting services are available.

bottom_tile Editorial ServicesEditorial Services

Edits are made using a “track changes” feature, which allows authors to accept, modify, or reject all proposed edits, and review and delete all comments or questions. We provide both clean, edited copy and the edited version with all the editor’s adds changes and deletions.

Content Edit
Let us review any content you’d like feedback on to ensure effective and powerful communication: letters, emails, brochures and articles.

Within a manuscript we can provide detailed response throughout each chapter as needed, offering recommendations for areas of improvement and guidance.

Copy Edit
The copy edit includes basic correction service provided through proofreading with additional editing for continuity, clarity and syntax.

A proofread provides correction of grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation, usage and sentence structure.

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