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Do You Know Your Audience?

Shanna D. Gregor

Do You Know Your Audience? The truth about writing is that you’re not really writing for you. It often seems like it because it’s your passion—it’s what you want to do. You have something to say—a story to tell or a point to get across. But it all falls short if you miss your target.

When I was learning to write for different audiences, a mentor and friend suggested imagining my “audience of one” as a friend sitting on the couch next to me, listening as I delivered my important information to him or her. That was extremely helpful to me.

When I’ve written something for teens or young adults, I imagined I was speaking to my niece, who is an early teen, or my own sons, who are twenty-somethings.

When thinking about your audience, here are some things to consider as you write:

  1. Who will be reading what you are writing? (Who is sitting on your couch?)
  2. How does your topic relate to that person?
  3. What questions might they have about your topic?
  4. What needs do they have that you are meeting as you write? (Is there a felt-need?)
  5. How will they receive the information?
    • Are you writing book they will open or a download from kindle?
    • Is it an article in a magazine or online?
    • Is it a blog?
    • What additional information do they need (i.e. links or resources)
  6. Are you speaking their language?
    • What does their world look like? Are they students? Parents?
    • How old are they? What generation are they from?
    • What technologies are relevant?
    • What medias are they familiar with?
    • What things are relevant to them in media and culture?

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Do You Know Your Audience?

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