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Bleeding Red – The Gift of Edits

In serving as a writer and an editor over the years, I’ve received feedback on the other end of the line as a writer gasp in shock at my heavy edits to their masterpiece. Once or twice a few writers commented, “My article is bleeding red.” As a writer, I never struggled with heavy edits because I chose to trust my editor. I learned early to “let go” of my piece. Most of the time I waspaletten’t writing for my own pleasure. I was crafting my art to fit their needs. The heavy edits shaped my work into the box they wanted it to go in.

When you’re willing to open up and let someone else critique your work, you learn a lot. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about myself. Writing is one of the few areas of my life that I haven’t held on to tightly. I’ve discovered creative types like myself have a vision for the work they’ve asked me to do. My challenge is to listen closely and deliver a piece of art in written form that is as close as possible to what they have imagined in their own minds.

My early editors with their red pens or pencils, gave me great insight into how to formulate that image based on the feedback that comes in the form of a page bleeding red.

So, don’t be afraid of those tracked changes. They help you to form your art into something more than it possibly could have been without them. Let your page bleed red—and let it become more than you imagined.





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