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Author Mentorship

Do you have a dream to author a novel, a self-help book or share a message you believe others need to hear; but you just aren’t quite sure how to get started?

Authorship isn’t for everyone. It takes commitment and follow through. If you are willing to do what it takes and follow practical advice and instruction offered through Author Mentorship, you can become that published author you’ve always imagined.

Sometimes you just need someone who shares your passion to encourage you to pursue your dream. Go to our contact page and connect with us. Let Shanna help you find your voice and understand the necessary steps to start writing today.

House library Author MentorshipHow it Works

Author Mentorship begins with a 30-minute session (in person, by phone or SKYPE), where we get to know one another. You tell me about your writing career and your goals for the project we will work on together.

You will be asked to sign a written agreement, which will outline expectations of the mentor and the student. Author Mentorship will include written assessments and personal discussions (in person, by phone or SKYPE).

*The size of the project is reflective to the overall time frame and cost, which is determined during the original 30-minute session.


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